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Now you can make better crepes
faster and easier than ever !

If you have a store that sells crepes, then you know that the most difficult part is the quick and proper formation of the dough. 

If you make the crepes yourself or if you have a specialist to do it for you, 

you know it is quite tedious work 

and qualified staff is neither cheap nor easy to find when you need it​.

If your plan is to open a crepe shop without knowing how crepes are made, our system is ideal to make your job a lot easier (and your life, too).

Last but not least, if you have a mobile crepe station with our system you can increase sales on festivals etc.

click & see "Crepe machine" 

the best crepe making tool

Ask yourself:
how difficult is it for a beginner to make crepes?

In addition to our electric model, we provide the same dough-opening system but manual.
It's the same axis as the "electrical crepe machine", with some modifications in order to be able to move by hand.
This model is extremely easy to use and much more economical.
We give you the guarantee that any beginner tried to make a crepe with it,
will do it after 2 or 3 attempts (or maybe from the 1st !!)



€ 250


"Crepe machine" is an dough formatting system for crepes and works both electrical ,clicking a button , or manually . It is professional and is intended exclusively for shops that make several crepes, where speed and constant quality are important .

"Crepe machine"  is a patented process  and is designed to solve all the basic problems that appear when someone without experience tries to make a crepe.

It is still required to be used by a worker, but the procedure is so easy that it can be done by any unskilled employee.

With a little practice , it makes all much easier and fun .

What makes our system special


Easy to use

Only with few days of practice, every unskilled worker can make more than 50 crepes per hour. 


Faster than you think

The time required to form an all-round crepe is about 20sec.

 Imagine how many crepes can be done in 1 hour !!


Ιmproves quality

Τhe fixed axis clearance creates doughs of constant thickness. The result is evenly cooked crepes everytime , by anyone.

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  • crepe machine
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